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2 John 4 • Less than 100%

"I was very glad to find some of your children walking in truth, just as we have received commandment to do from the Father."
    —2 John 4 (NASB)

What? Just "SOME"? Not ALL? That's completely outrageous! Since he didn't at least use "most" then I suppose we can even infer that the MAJORITY have become back-slidden and are now lost forever. Why does this sound like a compliment instead of bemoaning the obvious disaster that it actually is?

If we're really honest with ourselves, this reaction is probably familiar to us whenever discussing the spiritual health of others, even the state of the ministry organizations to which we belong. If we have less than 100% participation, if even the tiniest minority is upset, or especially if it's only a minority that IS participating overall in the first place, it's considered a disaster. We're sounding spiritual alarms. We're thinking in terms of "failure". Things just can't be right.

Take a deep breath and then point out to me the Scripture that says the proof of spiritual success is "100%". That's a false goal established by those living in a consumer-driven culture, where success is defined solely on the ability to achieve 100% market penetration. It's not biblical. What IS biblical is the remnant that remains faithful in spite of the failure of the majority. The overwhelming examples provided throughout the entire Bible are the precious few who refuse to stray from God's truth.

Perhaps we need to focus our praise for the few that have remained faithful to the commandments of God. Perhaps we need to pray more for those that continue to walk in truth than those who refuse to do so. Perhaps we're forgetting that we need to uphold the spiritual standards of quality versus the worldly standards of quantity. Perhaps we're neglectful because we so rarely stop to praise God that we are "very glad to find some of your children walking in truth".