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Luke 14:11 • The Humbled and the Exalted

"'For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.'"
— Luke 14:11 (NASB)

Here is a biblical principle which eventually sees its fulfillment in nearly every false Christian personality. It is hard to find someone, particularly a person who has built their popularity around the medium of television, who does not eventually fall both in the public's and church's estimation. And you can tell that narcicism is their main problem when they make their comeback attempt. They have to be in charge, they have to be the center of attention, they have to be on top. Some take longer than others, but it just seems to inevitably come nonetheless.

And then there is the contrast of those who never intended to achieve popularity and never seem to be comfortable with it. You can see this in Calvary Chapel's founder and Senior Pastor Chuck Smith as well as the founder of Teen Challenge and Times Square Church David Wilkerson. They are but the latest in a very long line of humble men raised by God to heights they never aspired to such as John Wesley and other notables from the Great Awakening. No matter the historical age of the church, that which was built on man's ambitions has ultimately fractured and collapsed contrary to what God raises, almost always starting with something very small and humble devoted to Him exclusively.

Faithfulness breeds faithfulness, pride breeds pride. So many plans made today begin with ambitions to capture a market segment, publish and market a program, or make a powerful and noticeable impact. But God measures success by our faithfulness to put into practice whatever He has given. In the parables of the Minas and Talents the principle is clear that quality always produces legitimate spiritual quality.